Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yeah, I take it personally.

Jim stares at the ceiling fan. Or the elephant. Or the ceiling fan.

Jim's obsession with ceiling fans is getting out of control. I present to you a typical scenario:

Jim: *stares adoringly at fan*
Ceiling fan: *goes in circle*
Jim: *smiles and sticks his tongue out at fan*
Ceiling fan: *goes in circle*
Jim: Oooooh! Ah ah ah! Ooooh! Ooooh! Aaaaaaaah! AH!
Ceiling fan: *goes in circle*
Leah: *comes over to play tongue game with Jim*
Jim: *straight faced silence*
Leah: *attempts to amuse child*
Jim: What the hell, milk-slave? You're blocking my view of the ceiling fan!
Leah: *gives up and leaves him be*
Ceiling fan: *goes in circle*
Jim: *beams joyfully*


Kevin said...

Clearly you need to start running around in circles.

Rosa said...

Love the description of his obsession conversation. They grow fast don't they?

Jim's Ma and Pappy said...

Mom and Dad: Hahahahahahaaaaa... and love the pics.