Monday, July 25, 2011

Eight weeks old.

Pants! They came off right after the picture because we're too lazy to change diapers with clothes that don't unsnap at the bottom.

  • We put away the pack-n-play. It had been sitting in our room next to our bed for him to sleep in, but now that he's been sleeping better at night (only got up once per night the last two nights - this is a truly thrilling development, comrades) he mostly sleeps in his crib with occasional trips to our bed.

    The day we brought him home vs. about five days ago.
  • He met some new people that were over for dinner. He rarely gets held by people who aren't his parents, so it was pretty amusing to see his astonishment at the new people. "My god, it has a beard...!"
  • He's HUGE. The onesie below? It's 3-6 months. He has his two-month pediatrician appointment August 3rd, so we'll see then just how huge he is, but trust me, it's shocking.

    Also, isn't he freaking adorable here? Yes, he is.
  • He spends lots of time awake and cheerful now. We took him to Walmart yesterday and he was awake and content the entire time. He was, of course, much adored by staff and customers alike. Everybody loves babies, unless they make irritating noises.
  • He likes looking at stuff. He insists on sitting looking outwards, etc. We got him an activity-mat-play-gym-thing, and he actually kind of likes looking at things on it.

    Favorite part = mirror. He's a little narcissist.

Some outtakes from the weekly picture:

I say, cap'n, what're you doing on my left?

Not enthusiastic about the tongue game.


Rosa said...

I love you, I'm so happy that you post these things. I used to put Noah in front of a mirror that I leaned against the coffee table-long and low. He loved to lay in front of that thing and watch the dog walk by.

Emmaline said...

If I were as good looking as James I would love to stare into mirrors, as well. :)