Thursday, July 28, 2011

He's two months old RIGHT NOW!

...well, not this VERY moment, but as of 8:28pm* he will be. Pfah, details.

Noah celebrates with pokemon while Jim looks on in disgust.

I celebrate by hiding while Jim gazes out the window beatifically.

We all celebrate by taking a series of comically-disjointed photos and finally eating each other's heads in despair.

*As an aside, I used to be terribly interested in the exact time that I was born. One year Mom and Dad forgot my birthday for a couple hours because we were all in a rush trying to go to Knoebel's Grove (best amusement park ever) and I cleverly guilt-tripped them into remembering by asking what time I was born. Mom apologized all over the place and felt terribly guilty. Bet she still does, hah. (no hard feelings, I still love you)


Kelli said...

Happy 2 months to Jim!!!!

Leah's Mom said...

You were born at 10:58 on a Saturday night! And don't you ever forget it! I love you, too, my dear.

Emmaline said...

I remember that! Very awkward.

The family pictures are nice, although I'm afraid that Jim will grow up with an uncontrollable fear of shirts, thanks to his father.