Monday, July 11, 2011

So let's talk about ME.

Here, baby pictures to keep you interested.

I have a dirty secret. My weight kind of sky-rocketed towards the end of things - remember that "weight gain" field in the weekly pregnancy reports? Remember how that got filled with things like "I dunno" and "can't remember..." during the last couple weeks? Yeah, there was totally a reason for that. The final tally was about [gulp] 195 lb, roughly 50 pounds up from my svelte peasant-y pre-pregnancy size.

Why do I tell you this? Bragging rights, naturally. I am ten pounds away from where I was before I got pregnant, and I can even fit into some of my non-pregnant clothes (though they're definitely not as attractive yet as they were previously...)! That's about forty pounds lost in six weeks. Now, 6lb 14oz of that was babby, I'll grant you, and another probably 15 was blood and placenta and uterine goo, but I'm taking full credit for 15-20 pounds of it. Eating respectably (i.e., more cabbage and chicken, not so much on the banana bread and chicken-fried steak) and going for walks have done their job.

Now, where to go from here... These last ten pounds (and perhaps a few more, since I'm feeling ambitious) need to join their fallen brethren, and I have a disturbing feeling that they'll be a little more reluctant than the first bunch. The eating is mostly under control, though it's a bit of a pain. If I eat too much, I continue to look six months pregnant. If I don't eat enough, Jim doesn't get enough milk. It's tempting to say 'sorry baby, mama needs to fit in her dresses,' but I do rather like the little bugger, so I need to eat enough to feed him properly. Since I'm now six weeks out from my C-section, I'm going to start running (and by 'running' I mean alternating walking and slow-motion jogging) a bit and see if that helps out. I've already been out twice to do so, and since I didn't start dropping organs out my incision site, I figure I'm fine to continue.

Stay tuned for future reports (and possibly pictures).


Emmaline said...

That's actually very good progress so far. I'm proud of you, I know it's not easy to say no to banana bread, especially when you're such a talented baker!

Anyhoo, let me know how the running goes. And please, don't run when you know it's too hot and sunny.

That is all. :)

Your Mommy said...

Run, Weah! But be careful of your knees...

EB said...

You're so close! And only 6 weeks out! Honestly, I was never one of those moms who was all, "la,la, breastfeeding made me skinny." In fact, watching my food intake was a milk assassin, so be careful. You'll figure out what works for you!

Stopping by from THTB.

Leah said...

Em - Yeah, the blazing GA sun is my nemesis. I've been going out when it's almost dark, but that's when the mosquitos come out too.

EB - I have been super paranoid about that! I've noticed that I have noticeably less milk on days that I get under 1800 calories, so I have to keep track pretty intensely to make sure I'm eating enough to feed the baby. So far, so good...