Thursday, July 21, 2011

Babies are exactly like playing The Sims.

For those who don't know, in The Sims, you control a little person and do your best to keep them happy by making sure all these need bars stay green.

It's just a game of keeping all their needs in the green range at the same time. Food? Check. Diaper? Check. Entertainment? Check. Whoop, diaper again? Che- oh crap, he needs more food, CHECK, and now he needs to sleep and doesn't remember how...

Actually, maybe it's more like whack-a-mole - smack down all the needs as they pop up. If you can get all the needs smacked down (or have all the need bars green) at the same time, you WIN! Prize = happy smiley baby.

Noah refills the diaper bar (or crushes the 'ZOMG WET DIAPER' mole, if your tastes run in a more morbid direction).

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Rosa said...

Yay Noah! Go diapering Daddy, go! It's clear from your face how much you love the little guy. I'm glad you're so happy son.