Sunday, July 3, 2011

5 weeks (yesterday, anyway)

Note his milk-belly hanging over the diaper... I thought it was a good accompaniment to his rather derp-y look.

This update comes to you slightly late because we have a visitor this weekend! Jim finally got to meet someone he's related to besides me and Noah.

In order: one week old, three weeks old, five weeks old.

Notes for this week:

  • He met his paternal grandfather. Hurray for blood relations! That's the only issue (aside from the brain-boiling heat waves) with living down here in Georgia - distance from family.

After the initial suspicion, they hit it off rather well.
  • He kind of makes a few noises other than 'eh'! Occasionally he coos, he'll say "aah" if Noah coaxes him into it, and he squeals when he is particularly dissatisfied with his lot in life.
  • He outgrew most of his newborn stuff. Goodbye, adorable froggy onesie - you were barely worn. *sob* I need to sort through his drawers this week and put away all the things that don't fit any more.

Of course, that does mean that he now fits into NEW cute things. Apparently tank tops drive him to practice his fencing posture. En garde, folks.

  • He's decided to be slightly more generous with his smiles. It's still quite an ordeal to get one out of him, but he can be counted on for at least a few each day. He just looks so damn happy that you forget how much of a pain it was to get it out of him.

I was in such a hurry to get a picture before he stopped that I forgot to focus it. Oops.


Emmaline said...

His little facial expressions are so cute. Quite the little charmer. Glad to see Vic made it down. Can't wait until we're able to come down and make acquiantance with my nephew!

Rosa said...

He'll be all practiced up for smiling by the time I get there! I like how he's checking out Vic from the corner of his eye. Hmmm...who's the bald guy?

Jim's Ma said...

I think he's definitely looking like Rose. He sure seems to have her beautiful brown eyes.