Monday, July 18, 2011


Oh seriously, do we have to do this again?

Interesting stuff:
  • Drastically increased non-eating awake time. He now has three or four awake and active periods during the day, plus a mildly fussy period in the evening. He is terribly opinionated about what he wants to do during his awake time. I believe his thought process goes as follows: "Wheeeeee! Sitting on lap! Oh wait, I forgot I HATE sitting on laps! *grumble grumble* Yaaaaay! Looking at fan! Oh crap, I HATE ceiling fan! *fuss fuss whine* Yippee, standing on own feet! Uh oh, I HATE standing..." And so forth.

    He really loves this. For about thirty seconds, anyway.
    He's pretty happy once you've got him doing whatever activity he wants to be doing, but it can be a little tricky trying to figure out what that is. It must be kind of infuriating being a baby, though - all these various wants and needs and absolutely no way to change them besides sobbing morosely until some kind soul figures it out.

    Gazing adoringly at the ceiling fan. He will do this for minutes at a time. Minutes, I tell you!
  • Head control is increasingly impressive. He keeps it up all the time when being held upright, and nearly all the time when on his belly. It's very cute, but it also kind of makes me miss the days when he'd just lie there with his head against my chest. Of course, if he did that now he'd probably soak my shirt. He's quiet the drooler these days.

    "Yay, tummy time! Oh no, I HATE tummy time!"
  • Better sleep! For this week, at least - it seems to be a two-steps-forward, one-step-back sort of thing. This last week has been ridiculously predictable. He goes to bed between 8 and 9, wakes up at 1 to eat, wakes up at 4 to eat. He generally hits those wake-up times right on the hour. It's not a HUGE amount of sleep, I know, but when you add in a morning nap with him in bed, it works out to me getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night, which is, quite frankly, divine.

    An assortment of typical Jim faces. Clockwise from top left: ceiling fan love, trying REALLY HARD to do something with his legs, general attentiveness with cheeks wider than forehead (looks like a pear, no?), working up to a smile.


Jim's Ma said...

He's DEFINITELY looking more like Noah now. Cute cute cute!!!

Daddy said...

If you think we look similar in these, you should see me holding him while in my orange tractor onesie.

Kevin said...

So, what you're saying here is that he shares yours and Noah's attention spans?

Rosa said...

Third picture in 4 series he looks like Noah did. He's so cute I want to teleport down right now. Noah, you always did look cute in your onesies!