Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New shtuff.

This picture probably overstates his fondness for it.

Jim is getting all big and less-easily-amused now. I say less easily amused, but he is still fairly easily amused - he loves the ceiling fan and anything with light (windows, snake cage, computer screens). But anyway, he's getting slightly harder to please, so I figured we should get him something new and amusing.

Terribly intent on...something. Monkey face? Could be. His own tongue? Also a valid guess.

You wouldn't believe what a trial it is to find baby stuff that doesn't light up and play fifty-seven tinny renditions of overplayed classics. This was quite literally the only playmat I found that didn't require batteries. Really, people, babies aren't that hard to amuse. I'd prefer to hold off on the fancy electronics at least until the kid can walk.

Jim wants fancy electronics nooooow. :(

He's still a bit young* for it (he doesn't reach or bat at things yet), but he seems to like looking at parts of it. The mirror is, of course, his favorite, but he also looks at the elephant sometimes. I think. Could be the ceiling fan still, who knows? Point is, he does not hate it, so I call it a success. Even ignoring the super-cool dangling toys, it's a pretty good place for him to lie around and practice flailing his limbs in a marginally more controlled fashion. He actually has a little bit of unintentional locomotion going on!

He starts off here...

...and ends up here. Are you not impressed?

With any luck, he'll continue to not-hate it until he's old enough to actually grab things and bring the entire rickety structure down about his ears.

*I initially spelled that "yongue." What the heck is wrong with me?


Emmaline said...

He is certainly a lot more smiley now. I'm enjoying it. :)

Weah's Mommy said...

Hi Guys! Jim is adorable!