About Us

The human members of the family.

Leah: That would be me. Geeky ex-academic, specializing in Germanic philology. Enjoys speculative fiction (a concise yet pretentious way of saying science fiction, fantasy, and horror), baking, and not vacuuming.

Noah: The husband. Similarly geeky mustachioed manly man. Looks good in uniform. Fixes stuff. Enjoys infecting his son with his love of hats and semi-raw meat.

Jim: The baby. Also known as Buckethead, Mr. Baby, Jiminy Crickets, Mr. Crickets, Mr. Jim, Big Jim, Der Scheissmeister, and very rarely James. Interests include boobs, pooping, ceiling fans, and the cat.

Bruce: The cat. Spends time alternating between sleeping and gazing malevolently about. Dislikes include water, people, furniture, other animals, plants, and things in general.

King Pablo de Pumpernickel: The snake. Extremely cute. Enjoys hiding in his box. Dislikes not hiding in his box.

The animal members of the family, not including Pablo.