Monday, February 1, 2016

Lottie's 2-year-old check-up!

Lottie had her two-year-old check-up this morning approximately two weeks late. Close enough. She didn't need any shots anyway, so it's all cool, yeah?


Jim was delighted to be the old hand and tell Lottie what was going on every step of the way.

Important statistics to note: Lottie is now 32" tall, which puts her in the 7th percentile still, but she has grown to 25lb 2oz, which boosts her to the 28th percentile! I credit peanut butter almost exclusively.

Waiting for the doctor.

Basically, Lottie did great. The doctor was very impressed with her speech. Apparently, kids her age should be able to put two words together. For example, "red ball" or "drink water." Lottie, on the other hand, was wandering around pointing at stuff and going, "Can you read me another book, Mommyyyyy? I want the book with the BABY on it, Mommyyyyyy. No, the other book, please, with the blue baby doll, Mommyyyyyy." He said her speech clarity was really good and he couldn't believe how long, complex, and grammatically accurate her sentences are.

Not much for funny cats, typically, but this is very accurate.

As far as the exam itself, she was very cooperative. She appears fine in all respects, and she didn't even cry when they pricked her finger. Actually, Jim was much more concerned. He kept asking, "Mom, why they gonna hurt my baby sister?" Fortunately, she didn't seem to take it to heart.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Snowpocalypse 2016

Leah finally added me as a guest author which means now two people can disappoint the grandparents and other relatives by rarely posting anything. But seriously, we are trying to get better about it.

So, about a week ago, we had snow. HOLY JESUS! Everything shut down. It was maybe about a inch. Very wet though, which meant the roads were actually a little dangerous.. The  weatherman said that it was supposed to all melt by about noon-ish, so very first thing in the morning we rushed to get the kids outside. This was Lottie's first experience in real snow, afterall.
Jim insisted on keeping his hands in his pockets most of the time. Too cold for our southern boy.
 Lottie really wasn't sure what to make of all this cold white stuff.
 Big Brother tried to show her, but any time she picked it up she  panicked because it was too cold.
Touring the grounds to see everything covered in snow was fun for both of them.
 Jim shows his battle scars from Dad pummeling him with snowballs off camera.
The police line up for Leah to pick out which one threw the snowball at her.
Both were guilty.
 Documentation that Leah still exists.
 Documentation that I still exist.
 Jim and the Grim Reaper decided to go explore how the field looked in the snow.
 Lottie chose the sensible alternative and helped me make pancakes.
After pancakes, which the kids ate as fast as I could make resulting in neither Leah nor I having any, we spent the rest of the day like this.

A moving recap of the past few months.

No apologies, on to the pictures. Okay? Okay.

Jim teaches Lottie to correctly use electronics back in December.

Jim conscientiously stirs the fudge to send to all and sundry.

Lottie conscientiously tastes said fudge before sending it to all and sundry.

A trip to the park, on a balmy 80-degree December day.

Jim now enjoys playing with baby sister.

Lottie's hair is now long enough to ripple appropriately in the breeze.

Deep concentration while playing the cookie game at Jim's preschool Christmas party.

Jim instructs Lottie in the proper use of cookie cutters. Alas, she doesn't quite get it.

Jim's favorite cookie idea once he realized that we had both a big and a small star cutter.

Jim's unwrapping style: Fliiiing!

Lottie's unwrapping style: Careful removal.

Enjoying the loot.

Can you tell she likes it?

She likes anything she can cuddle, really.

Jim's favorite thing? Anything that allows him to instruct baby sister.

For example, instructing baby sister in the science of correct coloring.

Or the art of proper sliding.

Of course, a man has to stand heroically apart sometimes, too.

It's okay, though.

Lottie knows how to chill by herself.

But back to the instruction now. Jim likes to show his soccer superiority. Lottie's just happy as long as she can tag along and touch the ball occasionally.

Jim, on the occasion of Lottie's birthday: "Lottie, you're big now. Now you have to learn about nutrition."

Lottie admires the profusion of presents.

A chance to instruct on proper lawn care? Jim seizes the opportunity.

She declared herself to be Batman just before trundling off.

And this, naturally, is a class on proper baby care.

And one parting shot with Lottie and her short-lived "doggy ears."

Friday, August 21, 2015

A literary pair.

Lottie waits patiently for Jim to select suitable reading material.

Another day, another book.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Continuing the venerable Photo Dump tradition.

Lottie makes a discovery in front of the Y.

Posing for a picture.

Jim played an elaborate game of "store" with his bunnies. He made money, merchandise, receipts, and everything.

Lottie can put this hat on all by herself. It makes her feel super cool.

"Baby sister sit on me!" is one of Jim's favorite games.

One day I suggested that Jim come up with a surprise while I went to get a drink. When I came back, he had picked up his toys and set up my comfy old chair with a blanket, a book, a footstool, and a cuddly companion. Is he sweet or what?

While I was cleaning up her room, Jim took it upon himself to make a pillow fort in Lottie's bed.

Lottie was very interested.

Jim kept a hostage.

Alas, baby sister could still look inside.

There is no escape from babies.

Despite the lack of absolute privacy, Jim was pretty satisfied with the results.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lottie's doctor visit.

It's a good thing Lottie's 18-month doctor visit was scheduled while Jim was at preschool. She was tragic enough to require all of my attention.

See how happy she is here? That's not how she looked at the doctor's office.

How tragic, you ask? She started to whimper the second we entered the waiting room, and refused to lift her head up off of my shoulder even to see the super cool fire truck toys they had on the floor. As soon as the nurse called her name, the whimpering turned into outright crying, and by the time she was being weighed, she was sobbing too hard to stand up.

This grin is also not representative of her experience.

Her crying subsided slightly while we were waiting in the examination room, thanks to some nice books involving kangaroos and piggies, but the second the doctor appeared, everything was tragedy once more. She laid her head on my shoulder and wailed while he listened to her heart, sobbed when he looked in her ears, and howled when he wiggled her limbs. In fact, she was crying so hard she didn't even really notice when the nurse came in and gave her a few shots. Small mercies, etc etc.

Turkey makes babies happy. Doctor visits do not.

So how did it all go? Well, her heart apparently sounds less like a party than it used to, and all her parts appear to be in normal working order. She's fully up to date on her shots and won't need any more until she's 4. She's about 30" long (29.92 inches, to be precise, which puts her in the 5th percentile) and weighs 22 pounds even (13th percentile), but the doctor cautioned that both of those numbers might be unreliable since she was thrashing about so much during the measuring. Still, moving up on the growth charts is nice. Maybe soon she'll outgrow her 6-9 month onesies.