Thursday, January 28, 2016

A moving recap of the past few months.

No apologies, on to the pictures. Okay? Okay.

Jim teaches Lottie to correctly use electronics back in December.

Jim conscientiously stirs the fudge to send to all and sundry.

Lottie conscientiously tastes said fudge before sending it to all and sundry.

A trip to the park, on a balmy 80-degree December day.

Jim now enjoys playing with baby sister.

Lottie's hair is now long enough to ripple appropriately in the breeze.

Deep concentration while playing the cookie game at Jim's preschool Christmas party.

Jim instructs Lottie in the proper use of cookie cutters. Alas, she doesn't quite get it.

Jim's favorite cookie idea once he realized that we had both a big and a small star cutter.

Jim's unwrapping style: Fliiiing!

Lottie's unwrapping style: Careful removal.

Enjoying the loot.

Can you tell she likes it?

She likes anything she can cuddle, really.

Jim's favorite thing? Anything that allows him to instruct baby sister.

For example, instructing baby sister in the science of correct coloring.

Or the art of proper sliding.

Of course, a man has to stand heroically apart sometimes, too.

It's okay, though.

Lottie knows how to chill by herself.

But back to the instruction now. Jim likes to show his soccer superiority. Lottie's just happy as long as she can tag along and touch the ball occasionally.

Jim, on the occasion of Lottie's birthday: "Lottie, you're big now. Now you have to learn about nutrition."

Lottie admires the profusion of presents.

A chance to instruct on proper lawn care? Jim seizes the opportunity.

She declared herself to be Batman just before trundling off.

And this, naturally, is a class on proper baby care.

And one parting shot with Lottie and her short-lived "doggy ears."

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