Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A brief update on my life.

So, when we last left off...I was about to move into a terrifying new abode and had no idea what time I would next be able to post. Well, that time happens to be now, approximately a year later.

Um. Yeah. Sorry.

Quite a lot has changed. The last few months in Germany were fun, and I actually got more exploring done due to my lack of internet (O Great Absorber of Free Time...) - I'll post the pictures when I have a bit more time. Upon getting home, I lived with Mom and Dad for a month or two and then moved when I got an exciting new job!

I'm currently teaching German (not real German, just baby German) at Lycoming College, same place I graduated from. The guy who was teaching introductory German there retired, and, since they had no better option, they hired me. I'm kind of a temporary fix for them, because I only have a Bachelor's degree instead of a graduate degree, but still - the kiddies learn German and I get a fun job. I'll post fun stories later - they are here in abundance. Of course, most of them have to do with semi-adult men being unable to contain themselves at the word "duschen,"* but still, stories are stories, yes?

So, like I said, this job is just temporary. Next plan? Move to Minnesota!

No, seriously, I'm really moving to Minnesota. From Pennsylvania to Michigan to Germany to Pennsylvania to Minnesota...this has been an interesting past few years. Yes, yes, you say, but WHY precisely are you moving to Minnesota? Grad school. I've just enrolled in their PhD program (#11 in the country for German, I might add) for Medieval German Studies. I'll probably never get a job with that degree, but it's what I want to study, and they're essentially paying me to do it, so it should be fun. I'm going to visit Minneapolis (on their dime, no less - full airfare and hotel and meals paid for) in about a week, so hopefully I will have fun stories and lots of pictures.

So, that's the short version of the last year in the life of Leah. I'll attempt to post more regularly now...but no promises.

*It means "to take a shower." Perverts.