Thursday, August 20, 2015

Continuing the venerable Photo Dump tradition.

Lottie makes a discovery in front of the Y.

Posing for a picture.

Jim played an elaborate game of "store" with his bunnies. He made money, merchandise, receipts, and everything.

Lottie can put this hat on all by herself. It makes her feel super cool.

"Baby sister sit on me!" is one of Jim's favorite games.

One day I suggested that Jim come up with a surprise while I went to get a drink. When I came back, he had picked up his toys and set up my comfy old chair with a blanket, a book, a footstool, and a cuddly companion. Is he sweet or what?

While I was cleaning up her room, Jim took it upon himself to make a pillow fort in Lottie's bed.

Lottie was very interested.

Jim kept a hostage.

Alas, baby sister could still look inside.

There is no escape from babies.

Despite the lack of absolute privacy, Jim was pretty satisfied with the results.


Oma said...

I love photo dumps and all of your captions. You sure have a flair for description. Love the gifs too. I'll need to work on my cartwheel before I visit to keep up with Jim's gymnastics. I loved making blanket and pillow forts when I was a kid. Tell Jim I'll give him some pointers when I'm there.

Sparrow said...

Thanks for all the pics, Leah. Dad and I sure have a good time looking at them all. Love you.

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