Monday, August 3, 2015

Guess what Jim found!

Is it a cheesecake? Hulk Smash? Somebody's spare shoe? Fine, I'll show you.

One of the parks near us has a little pond with a gazebo over it.

The view from the gazebo looks like so. If you look down, though...

Turtles! A whole herd of them! There was a muskrat, too. Those critters are a lot faster than I thought.

Jim was nice enough to show baby sister.

She was more interested in using my leg as her own personal jungle gym, though.

So Jim helped her find her way back to the main path to head back to baby-attracting things like pine cones and gum wrappers.


Oma said...

So cute

Sparrow said...


Emmy said...


Diane Welshans Apker said...

The floor story was creepy! Poor little Lottie.hope she is doing better.