Friday, July 31, 2015

What we do while waiting for Jim's swimming lessons to be over.

Stand outside the Y and collect compliments from entranced old people, of course. Hit it, Lottie:

She likes to play it up when she senses an admiring public.

But she's not too proud to come racing over when she needs an explanation for some fascinating thing like a piece of bark.

Try as she might, she's not quite big enough to hurl herself into the fountain yet. Don't worry, Lottie. Jim's got the constant-peril part of the family covered.

She's got the being-charming thing covered, though. Read her lips: "Hiiiiiiiii!"

And how are Jim's swimming lessons going, you ask? Great! He loves them, except that they leave him a little chilly. "Too cold for Jim," says he every day. According to his teacher, he's kind of alarmingly fearless in that he won't reliably hold on to the rail, which is why he needs to stay in the ultra-beginner class where they have one-on-one supervision. Other than that completely expected character flaw feature, he's doing really well. He can swim 5 yards on his front or his back, float in the water, make his way to the edge and get out without assistance, and do a pretty killer cannonball. That's all you can really expect from a 4-year-old, right?


Oma said...

Love the gifs.

Sparrow said... you all so much