Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A walkabout.

The canal trail that starts at the Savannah Rapids Pavilion is always a nice place for a walk, so with nothing better to do on a Thursday morning, I dragged the kids out for a walk.

Jim was initially skeptical, but the view from the pavilion won him over.

Lottie was likewise impressed.

And what's that in the distance?

See that tall rocky thing in the background? Jim determined that it must be a volcano.

Jim found Lottie a red leaf. She loved it, even if it wasn't a flower. I think he may have regretted handing it over, though.

He just got done tossing a rock through this convenient gap in the shrubberies.

Where there are sticks and dirt, there must be careful arranging of sticks in the dirt. It is known.

And another, just because he's cute.

My main view for the walk

Lottie looks stern.

Jim's finished arrangement. Kid's clearly got an eye for aesthetics.


Oma said...

First one showed up in this set. Anxiously awaiting views.

Oma said...

Well there is quite a bit of artistic talent on your side so he's bound to have an eye, and probably an ear, for the aesthetic things in life.