Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fourth of July Festivities

I can't figure out how to imbed this short video of Jim being festive, but it's cute, so you should go watch it. Incidentally, while trying to figure out how to link it, I watched it like fifteen times with Jim right next to me, and every time video-me says his name, Jim-right-next-to-me said "Yeah?"

It was funny, okay?

Jim kicked off the day with a festive drawing of a flag (a "balloon flag," to be precise) and fireworks. Aunt Emmy helped label it with the appropriate patriotic slogan.

Uncle Ilya served as grill manager while the rest of us lounged about and played with small explosives.

Lottie, unfortunately, was out of sorts and required steady infusions of tomatoes to remain in tolerable spirits.

Jim's general opinion of those little thingies that you throw on the ground and they go CRACK.

Lottie, however, was mostly a concerned onlooker.

A sample plate of our cook-out. Well done, all.

Lottie loved it.

Not pictured: Fireworks that whizzed around on the ground with different colors, Jim breaking Ilya's glasses, Lottie clapping her hands and shouting yay at the big fireworks in Evans later.

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Ma said...

Wish we could've been there with you.