Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Did I tell you about my cat?

What's that? There are living creatures besides children in this house?

Looking plaintive after nudging his cat food out from under the counter.

Oh yes, there are, and one of them recently had surgery. Some of you may recall poor old Bruce and the saga of his swollen, scabrous face. What we thought was a bad food allergy turned out to be pretty savage allergic reaction to his own tooth decay. So, off he went to the vet this week to have most of his remaining teeth extracted. Poor guy only has ten teeth left, but on the up side, his face looks a million times better, and he's got more pep in his step than he's had in a year.

He didn't appreciate me taking a picture of his shaved leg.


Emmy said...

Awww Brucie.

Oma said...

Poor Bruce. Glad he is feeling better.

Sparrow said...

I can't BELIEVE how different he looks! Good for you, Brucie!