Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Boy and His Rhinoceros

Once upon a time, I went off to college and was given a little stuffed rhinoceros to keep me company. I named him Henry Proboscis. Now Jim has discovered him and taken him for his very own. He calls him Henry Kobonksis. Please take a moment to consider how adorable that is before reading on.

Last night we had a rather lengthy discussion about Jim's new pal (who Jim informs me is kind of a real rhinoceros and not just a fake one or a baby one). Apparently, he likes vegetables and frequently throws vegetable parties for his rhinoceros friends in our yard, but they all have to hide when I come around. I foolishly asked where such large creatures could possibly hide in our yard, and received a scathing "Up in a tree" for my reply. Fortunately, Jim hastened to assure me that no harm would come to me if I found them. "Don't worry, Mommy," said he. "Henry Kobonksis is just a nice rhinoceros."

Is it still a creepshot if it's my own kid snoozing with my old stuffed animal?


Jimbo's Ma said...

He inherited your vivid imagination:)

Oma said...

Can't view any of the photos on the blog from here on. Any idea why?

Leah said...

That's weird. I just checked, and the image links seem okay, and I don't have the albums set to private. I'll check and see if anyone else is having trouble. Can you try a different computer and see if it works?

Emmy said...

He's so cute when he's sleeping.