Saturday, July 25, 2015


I asked Jim to go get Lottie a cheese stick. He came back and said he had a better snack. Lottie didn't disagree: An entire bag of grapes is basically baby heaven.

Jim likes to get crazy when he's brushing his face. Er, his teeth, I mean.

He said he was a safari guy building a safari truck.

Jim and Lottie are street, yo.

Jim was super super proud of this little pumpkin we grew. It turned into mini pumpkin pies at Emmy and Ilya's last weekend.

Forgive the blur, but I assume you can make out the sheer thrill she's getting out of dancing.

Lottie's stompy dance in all its glory.

Jim made a "friendly dragon." Lottie liked it.


Oma said...

Grapes are number one choking hazard, Oma worries. Great pics. Sure look like they are having fun. Imaginative play is the best.

Leah said...

Don't worry, I'm pretty paranoid about choking hazards too. She just got to pose with the bag for a second before I took it and cut some grapes in half for her. Well. Bit them in half, anyway. Grapes for the baby = grapes for me, haha. :D