Thursday, July 9, 2015

A giant photo dump.

Noah with some wiggly kids the day before he left. I swear he's wearing pants.

The thrift store had an unexpected gold mine of child-sized glasses. Don't be fooled by the face; Jim actually loved his.

Lottie being intrepid at the playground.

Jim successfully uses playground equipment while Lottie looks on in admiration. Or confusion. One of those.

Another day, another playground. Jim orders ice cream while Lottie mutters nonsense.

Lottie is nobody's fool. She always counts the currency before handing over the goods.

Wouldn't you do the same with a customer that shifty-looking?

On his own, Jim is free to try out the bigger-kid stuff.

He's always ready to take baby sister for a spin on the bumblebee, though.

Lottie's happy to take over the work for a bit while Jim takes a breather.

Dismay at being left on the bumblebee all by her lonesome.

Fortunately, Lottie has been watching Ben Hur and knows how to channel her rage into strength.

Actually, she's stronger than you'd think. Look at her dangle on that bar!

A very proud baby.

Gratuitous post-shower baby butts as they preen in front of the mirror.

Lastly: Dress-up!

Lottie twirls to model her finery.

Meanwhile, Jim puts the finishing touches on his city. No game of dress-up is complete without a box village in which to wreak havoc.

Jim tries to interest Lottie in bringing victuals to the hungry townspeople, but she's not having it.

I apparently had my own role to play in the drama, but I'm still a little spotty on the details.