Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ridiculous baby hair.

Side, top, front.

It's like male-pattern baldness. He's starting to grow some fuzz in the bald spot, but it's coming slow (and he's got two new bald patches above each ear where he lays his head at night). His actual hair has a sort of widow's peak, but it's right in the middle of the top of his head - doesn't even come close to his actual forehead. I think his super-high forehead makes him look like some kind of cheesy telepathic alien.

Bonus points if you recognize the alien.


Your Mom said...

LEAH! Prop that boy's head up already because I have a crick in my neck just looking at that picture:-)! The alien was in the first official episode of Star Trek, but I don't remember it's name.

Leah said...

You have no idea how many times I've tried propping it up. Every time he falls asleep in the chair his head goes like that. If you move it to a less unnatural position, it goes right back, and if you try propping it up he gets fussy until the prop is removed. Kid likes having his neck busted, apparently.

Rosa said...

I recognized him from Star Trek too, but his name escapes me. Jimmy is considerably cuter though.