Sunday, July 10, 2011

Six weeks and all's well.

New skill of the week: smiling sinisterly.

Things of note this week:

  • Likes looking around. He's taking much more interest in the world around lately. I think his vision is improving, because he now seems to focus on my face when he's on the ground and I'm on the couch. When being held facing your chest, he now holds his head up all the time to look around, and he prefers being held facing outward best of all. If he's lying on his back, he adores the ceiling fan and can be relied upon to stare at it for ten minutes straight while I fold laundry (or read comic books).
  • Head control. He's had pretty good head control for his age right from the beginning, but it's starting to get really good. He likes to hold it up and see the sights when he's on somebody's chest now instead of just laying his head flat, and he can maintain some semblance of straightness when held erect (but he gets very angry indeed if forced to do that for too long).

Jim likes being suspended from disembodied arms.
  • Cooing! Jim can now reliably make noises that are neither crying nor eh. Have to admit, though - the "eh" phase was pretty cute. "EH! EH!" for tummy time frustration, "eh-eh-eh-eh" for hungry chest-pecking, "eh?" for general curiosity... Still, the new noises are adorable. He goes "oooooh" (more like a little bird than a people noise, really) and "AH!" (as in "bat"). He mostly does them fairly randomly, just talking to himself, but he's starting to occasionally do them at people.
  • Put away his newborn clothes. Well, he didn't - I did. It was very sad (especially because there were a couple of outfits he never even got to wear, and many more that he only wore once), but it's also fun to see how much he's growing.

He outgrows things in length long before outgrowing them in girth. Weird, considering his lineage.
  • Growth spurt... I wrote about this a couple of days ago. It almost killed me. Seems to be over now, hallelujah glory be.
  • Moved to his own room. Ish. We put him down in his crib for his first stretch of sleep (usually 8:30-12:30ish) and then keep him in bed with us after that. It's a step up from the pack-n-play bassinet, though, and it means that we can all sleep better for that first stretch. He's a terribly noisy sleeper.

Typically Bruce does not share the crib. He just likes to sneak naps in there when Jim is absent.
  • A little more generosity with the smiles. If you catch him in a good mood (i.e., not tired, not hungry, not in need of diaper change or burping, and not wanting to be put down so he can flail about freely), he loves to play the tongue-and-smile game. He looks at you very intently and sticks out his tongue slowly and deliberately. You are then required to stick out your tongue in return, at which point he is delighted and starts smiling all over the place.

Six seconds of happy baby.


Jim's Ma said...

Yes, I'm in love.

Emmaline said...

Looks like quite the cheerful little guy. I love his toes in the second picture, appreciate that he's wearing the thing I bought him in the first one, and think that in the 3rd happy baby picture he looks like Charlie. :)

Love you all.

Rosa said...

Freakin' Adorable and I can't wait to hold him. I always liked to play the baby tongue game. That's one of the first interactive/imitative things for an infant to do. Isn't it amazing how much one little smile can make your day?