Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tummy time.

Uncertain what to make of this whole thing.

Tummy time is one of those things that you're apparently supposed to do now so that your child doesn't wind up languishing in a home for the infirm by the time he's 12. Apparently all that is required is to put the kid on his stomach and then mock him for several minutes while he tries in vain to remedy the situation. That's our approach to it, anyway.

He can lift his head, but he's not happy about it.

Jim is pretty cute about it, for the first few minutes at least. He kicks his feet like a crazed kangaroo rat (do they actually kick their feet? I assume yes) and tries to do little mini-pushups while making strenuous noises (eh! eh! EHH!). Eventually it all becomes infuriating to him and he squawks once or twice, at which point we take pity on him and give him what he wants.*

He also likes to lift his rear half completely off the ground like he's playing wheelbarrow with an invisible partner.

Sometimes, of course, he refuses to cooperate and instead just lies there and sucks on his fingers while we try to incite him to exercise.

Please note the following: A.) Jim's hand position. He won't throw up the horns, but he's very good at giving the finger. B.) Noah's freakishly weird feet. Alas, I think Jim has inherited his creepy toes.

Grabbing fistfuls of blanket and refusing to relinquish it is also popular.

Should the fingers prove to be insufficiently tasty, receiving blankets make an acceptable substitute.

*What he wants, of course, is boobs.


Rosa said...

I like the onesie. He has his feet up in the air because his diaper is so freakishly huge for his tiny butt that it lifts him up.

Emmaline said...

I think his hair on the top of his head is coming in. No more embarrassing male-pattern-baldness! Or at least, not until about 25 years from now.

Jim's Ma said...

I love Jim. *sighs*

heiligeglut said...

Rose - he actually does it in the teeny disposables too! I'm not sure how, but he gets everything behind the rib cage off the ground.

Em - The hair on top is coming in, but alas, the hair around it is growing even faster. I need to take a picture of his mullet sometime.