Friday, June 3, 2011

On the home front.

Our standard position for the past week, with varying levels of boob and computer usage. I generally look marginally less doof-y, but Jim is generally at about that same level of cuteness.

So, I'm assuming that it gets harder, because so far it's been surprisingly easy to live with a baby. Our general routine involves him eating every hour or so and that's about it.

Hungrier than he looks.

Diaper changes are significantly less gross than expected. He's taken to soaking the back of his clothes every time he pees (which is fine - for a while he wasn't peeing at all, and that was worrisome), but the poop is easy. As promised, breastmilk poop doesn't smell like anything and it doesn't stick to his butt. He's not the hugest fan of being nekkid on the changing table, but he gets over it.

Chubby baby! From that angle, anyway. Apparently he's in something like 80th percentile for height and 50th for weight, so he's actually tall and skinny for now, which is bizarre, given his parents.

He sleeps (or not) beside the bed in a pack-n-play thingy for now, just to make it easier to feed him in the middle of the night. He's not great about sleeping at night (at all), so I've been kind of lucky to get four or five hours a night. He pretty much never cries, though - just fusses for a second and then looks around to see if I'm feeding him yet. We've been fortunate enough to escape those stories about being up all night trying to figure out what's wrong with a screaming baby.

He looks like a tiny hairy space burrito. Or possibly that's the sleep deprivation talking.

We spent quite some time discussing exactly how many Jims we could fit in there. Noah thinks ten would be the most (two rows of four with two lying length-wwise between them). I think twelve would work, but you'd have to wrap them tighter.

Bruce is not particularly pleased with the new roommate, but he hasn't really been making a nuisance of himself. Mostly he ignores Jim (or, at most, comes up to smell his head and then runs away).

Noah telling Bruce how it's gonna be.

On the other hand, James might be in more danger from the heathens living in the house. Babies are tasty, you know.

Jim attempts to defend himself by looking authoritative. He may have to wait a few years before it's convincing.


Rosa said...

I looked at Noah's newborn pic and it's his baby nose. He also never fussed except for wanting fed and then it was minor and quickly solved. You're both pretty calm people too so that helps.

Anonymous said...

*Ma cries* I wish I was there.