Monday, June 27, 2011

Mr. Jim Goes for a Walk

So, as mentioned previously, we went for a good long hike Saturday on one of the trails on base. We were a smidge hesitant to make a long excursion because, you know, BABBY, but we opted to give it a shot anyway. One can't spend every day on the couch covered in milk (both fresh and used). So, we suited him up in his extremely adorable sun hat (still too big for his teeny head, but it works), packed up some water and spare diapers, and off we went.

Aforementioned adorable sun hat.

I was particularly excited about the hike because it meant I could try out the new ring sling. It worked out quite well. Wedging him into it was a bit of an adventure, but once he was there he fell promptly asleep and made no fuss whatsoever for the entire walk. It was pretty comfortable for me, too - only a little twinge in the lower back toward the end of the hike, and no problem at all in the shoulder it was hanging over.

Also, it is purple.

Babies apparently love being tightly encased in fabric prisons.

One of the best things about this trail is all the cool obstacles and exercise stations along it. Sometimes the instructions (given by signs with crude and occasionally unfathomable illustrations) are a bit vague, but that only makes the exercises more entertaining to attempt. Or to watch Noah attempt, as the case may be.

Noah was delighted, naturally, by the chance to do elevated push-ups with a heavy backpack.

The terrain in Georgia remains oddly home-like and alien at the same time. The high ground is dry and filled with red dirt and pine trees and cacti, while the low areas are damp and infested with bamboo and weird-sounding birds. It's weirdly tropical in bits.

Noah would not be stopped from taking pictures from (and of) the rear.

All in all, it was extremely satisfactory and will hopefully be repeated often (especially once Jim can carry his own weight). Maybe we can raise him to be a relatively outdoorsy geek instead of the pasty sedentary kind.

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Rosa said...

I took Noah on his first long hike when he was 4 weeks old too. Of course it was colder in PA and my mother thought I was nuts, but Noah liked it and he loved his Snugli. We saw snow on our walk through the woods, too bad you didn't have a little huh?