Sunday, June 19, 2011

Super awesome bonding time.

This position can only be held for so long, because both Noah and James are like people-shaped infernos and their continued close proximity would probably take Georgia out in a fiery apocalypse.


Lessons in the intricacies of normal human interaction.

Jim learns his lessons well. (note: Noah is, in fact, wearing clothes. It's just too damned hot here some days for the menfolk to wear anything other than boxers/diapers unless legally required.)

Getting swung around. There was no collision with the camera, whatever you may think.

Obligatory cute face.

Jim and ME, just for variety.


Emmaline said...

He's really grown in the last week or so! His little face is changing quite a bit. What a handsome little devil. :)

Rosa said...

I'm happy to see your pretty face in one of the shots. Great pics as usual.