Saturday, June 18, 2011

Someone find me a witty title for three weeks update.

Look how enthralled he is by the proceedings.

For comparison's sake. Top: Week 1, Week 2. Bottom: Week 3, Ghost of Christmas Future.

His face looks completely different in every picture, no? He's like a creepy shape-shifter baby.

Things of note this week:

  • He's getting pretty good at holding his head up. He can generally hold it reasonably upright while being held against one of us. Then, of course, he inevitably miscalculates the weight of his enormous head and faceplants into whomever is holding him (or, slightly more alarmingly, tips over backwards). Still, it's something, yes?
  • He can also focus his eyes on faces this week and follow a face across his field of vision with his eyes. This is much more impressive than one would think - previously he was limited to viewing whatever his randomly-roving eyes chanced to land on.
  • He's big enough to fit into his cloth diapers! Yay! They're absolutely enormous, though, and he looks even more absurd than usual.


  • As evidenced by that last picture, he's also getting really chubby. He's got several chins, and huge cheeks, and a huge potbelly (although that's half-hidden by the gargantuan diaper)
  • I think he's at the tail-end of a growth spurt. He had a few days of nonstop eating interspersed with some fussiness, and now he's sleeping constantly and waking only to slurp up some milk before passing out again. At least I hope this means growth spurt - I need an explanation for the eat-eat-fuss-eat days so that I can tell myself it won't be like that every day.

Milk coma. Note drip on lower side of lips. He always winds up slopping milk all over the place.

Aaaand that's the state of affairs for this week.

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Rosa said...

Growing like an Amaryllis! Yeah, it's usually a weed, but he's too sweet to be equated to a weed so? Anyhow, you can literally sit and watch an amaryllis grow so it's apropo. He's signing "more", I think he likes the bear and will be a linguistic genius!