Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life in the hospital.

Due to my being unable to get out of bed for the first day or so, Noah got the honor of changing all the gross meconium diapers. Jim hated diaper changes more than anything in the world for the first couple days - only thing that made him cry. Now that it's all soft breastmilk poop, he no longer cares.

No hard feelings over the diaper changes, apparently.

Noah made me stick out my lip to match Jim's.

The little foot sticking out at the bottom is possibly my favorite thing in the world.

Like a cute little malevolent choir director.

Poop face. Wrinkly armpit. That's it.

It's hilarious how in love he is with his hands, and yet he has no idea how to make them do what he wants. They wind up just flailing around with him attempting to suck on them. At first he kept sticking them right in his eye, but fortunately that has since stopped.

World's smuggest burrito.

Also resembles spaceship.

There've been some picture requests, so to clarify: any of the pictures here you can right click on to save at the size they currently are, which should be fine for sharing online, small prints, etc. If you want a high res copy for wallpapers or bigger prints, just let me know and I'll email it to you.


Rosa said...

Wunderbar. He is absolutely adorable. You all look very happy. I did copy the pics shortly after I made my pic comment. I had a brain fart and didn't think about clicking on them. Duh! Great pictures, can't wait to see you all in person. Carry on...

New Ma said...

I would like hi res pics, please. I want to make a scrapbook starting from your first ultrasound pic.

TeamOSM said...

The pic of him and Noah? Frame that immediately. So. Stinkin. Sweet. <3 What a cutie pie!!