Saturday, June 11, 2011

Second verse, same as the first.

Actually, not quite the same as the first. For one thing, no one got cut open this week, plus his cheeks are significantly chubbier now.

He looks so much huger than last week, but I believe that's just because Noah has convinced him to sit up straight. Ish.

Last week: gang signs. This week: bewilderment.

Things that Jim has done this week:

  • Makes hilarious strenuous noises when baby-birding and during tummy time (which, incidentally, he is very good at). "EH! EH!!"
  • First walk! We took a walk around the neighborhood on Wednesday. He was fussy beforehand, but the combination of close body contact and movement knocked him right out. We were kind of paranoid the whole time because it was hot out, but he didn't seem to mind.

Tuckered out after the walk, even though he didn't have to exert himself at all. Lazy baby.

Close-up of sweaty hair on the side that was pressed into Noah's chest. Note hilarious male-pattern-baldness.

  • Has taken to sleeping with some regularity during the night. Note that this does NOT mean sleeping through the night. Previously his night habits were very unpredictable and generally included at least one burst of refusing to sleep for a couple hours. Now he sleeps in two-hour stretches through the night with half-hour nursing binges in between, and he's even willing to sleep in his own bed instead of waking up the moment he is removed from my chest (assuming, of course, that I don't fall asleep before he's done eating, in which case he sleeps on me for a couple hours before waking us up for more snacks). It's an improvement, I say.
  • Had his first bath, post-walk. He wasn't a fan.

We tried a number of bath methods and finally settled on tub-on-kitchen-table, for less back pain. Next time I may try bath-chair-in-sink, for easier clean-up.

  • Also had second bath on Friday after he peed on his own head while being changed. He didn't like that one much either.
  • Attended Noah's graduation from training. He might suck at sleeping during the night, but he's very good about passing out in public places. He was much admired by all the scary uniformed folk. Jim and I were two out of precisely seven non-military attendees - most of the other graduation people had no families (or at least no families in the area). Don't know about Jim, but I felt terribly conspicuous.
  • Was a glutton. He had his second visit with the pediatrician yesterday, and he now weighs 8lb 4oz. That's a gain of 1lb 3.5oz in one week, which is apparently triple the normal rate of weight gain for breastfed newborns. The doctor was once more duly impressed.

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Maureen (Mairin O'Cadhla) said...

Well I hope you are healing up from last week's assult, though the result of baby Jim is very good. I heard c-sections were worse to recover compared to vaginal birth, hope you are not too ouchy. How is sleeping for you any better?

I think Jim being chubbier this week is related to gaining weight, so he is getting all sorts of mommy milk goodness. I think he is going to be a bruiser if he keeps eatting like a maniac. Maybe a football lineman or other sports player when he is much older, that won't be before you introduce him to D&D, roleplaying, and other such fun.

Well got to leave work soon so I got to pack up. Talk to you soon.