Monday, June 6, 2011

Holy crap he's getting old.

You have no idea how many shots it took to get one where he looked halfway alive.

So Jim was a week old on Saturday. It's kind of weird - feels like he's been here forever, but I also can't believe he's a week old already. Apparently sleep-deprivation has addled my brain.

Anyway, for the sake of keeping track, here is a list of interesting (to me, and I'm biased) things Jim does this week:

  • Baby bird face! Whenever he's hungry, he gapes his mouth wide open and starts pecking at whatever is near his face. This is especially amusing when he's on Noah - he always tries to latch on. He gave Noah a hickey in the hospital.
  • Tries adorably but futilely to look at stuff. He can't manage to focus on anything, but he does generally get his eyes pointed in the same direction, which I count as a victory.
  • Kicks like a bandit whenever he's on his belly. He's got strong little legs, actually. He can move himself about three inches a minute just by sheer powerful flailing. Noah is extremely proud and expects that he'll be setting power-lifting records by the time he's six.
  • Poops a LOT, especially if he's just been changed three minutes prior. Fortunately for me, he has so far restricted peeing on the changing table to those times when Noah is changing him.
  • Sleeps better for Noah than for me. Harumph.
  • Eats every ten minutes. I am extremely grateful that breastfeeding is going so smoothly (I think I'm getting calluses or something, because even the soreness is going away), but I feel like a milk cow. We spend most of every day on the couch watching Jane Austen adaptations on Netflix with him happily slurping away. On the up side, he's extremely adorable when he's eating, even when he pulls off mid-flow and soaks the front of my dress.
  • He can lift his head up pretty well for a newborn. If he's lying on my chest he can pull his head back and look at me for a couple of seconds before flopping back down or rearing over backwards and scaring the crap out of me.

That's essentially it for the first week. Newborns don't do much, as it turns out. At least he's damned cute.

His opinion of having one-week pictures taken. That's a yawn, not a screech, just so you know.


TeamOSM said...

Newborns are booooo-ring! I remember someone posted a video of their four month old laying on the activity mat while I was still pregnant, and I was like, "Aw, man! I forgot how boring they are!" But you're right, the cuteness makes up for it. =D

Jim's Ma said...

Leah, I think you are very amused by the little guy. Which is great. I was thinking yesterday that I hope he grows up surrounded by good humor, which I think he's gonna be. And I think that you and Noah inherited the absolute best of your parents. I'm so proud of both of you for the way you love and take care of each other and Jimbo (that's his nickname this week.)

Rosa said...

I love the yawny face. That bear will start looking small before too long. Enjoy these days, even if they are exhausting. You're going to remember them better than most because of your wonderful recording of them, thank you for keeping us informed. I really enjoy reading your posts and they're the first thing I check now when I open my computer. Love you all, take care of each other,I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.