Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today it is 66 degrees out.

Take THAT, Minnesota/Pennsylvania/Michigan/other cold places that I have lived.

The yard, with Noah being all manly and productive in the corner.

All my poor little herb sprouts died due to inadequate light, so I got Noah to rig up a lighting shelf system for me with some spare lumber he had in the shed.

These ones better pull through, dammit.

My outdoor plants seem to be doing well, though, despite the freak storm we had a couple weeks ago. They just sprouted a few days ago. I was outside trying to decide when to reseed the garden when I noticed that there were *gasp* weeds in it. On closer inspection, the weeds appeared to be growing in neat little rows, upon which discovery I decided that they were, in fact, edibles and should be permitted to live.

I don't even like radishes, actually, but don't they look happy?

There are a few signs of wild plants living out there, too.

A lowly dandelion.

Something purple. Heck if I know what it's called.

We kind of dispatched our productive urges early in the day, alas, so now we're lounging on the couch watching Penn and Teller and slowly getting some lasagna around. Good Saturday, I have to say.


Rosa said...

I like the looks of your yard. Nice space. Good luck with the seeds, they can be finicky, hence my preference for plants! We had about 2 inches of snow today, enjoy your sun.

Kevin said...

I would like to comment that you never experienced Michigan during cold weather. Of course, MN trumps us, but you only ever experienced MI summers. Still, it is well below freezing today.

In a crazy side note, it appears that Eastern PA and MI have traded weather for January. MI is getting a substantial dose of freezing rain, which no one out here can deal with, and PA is getting piles of snow...who would have expected that?