Saturday, January 1, 2011

In which Buckethead is reluctantly recorded for posterity.

We were originally not going to get any private ultrasounds done, but since the insurance is taking slightly longer than expected, we thought we'd go make sure Buckethead's still doing okay in there and see if we could find out which pronouns to use. The place we went to was surprisingly nice. It was a family-run thing, with the receptionist being a 13-year-old kid, but it seemed pretty professional and the ultrasound tech knew what she was doing. Fortunately for everyone, Buckethead proved to be quite the exhibitionist and flashed us right away.

I suppose 'money shot' is an inappropriate term here.

I did my best to get him all hyped up to jump around on the ultrasound by drinking lemonade and eating a shitload of cookies beforehand, but to no avail. I got a pretty good sugar high, but Buckethead apparently wasn't feeling it. He spend most of the session in precisely this position:

Terrible picture, but you can see that Buckethead is way more flexible than I am, with his legs all up over his head.

We did manage to get a few good 2-D face shots. Apparently I'm becoming one of those bizarrely normal women who find creepy ultrasounds of their spawn to be almost cute.

But c'mon, he has a nose! And a spine! Spines are totally adorable, yes?

They also gave us a couple of 3-D shots, which are creepy by any standards. It was really strange - from some angles, you could see his little shoulder blades and ribs. Poor baby needs some mac 'n' cheese.

No place to hide from the ultrasound, dude. Sorry.

And finally, a face shot, which we managed to get despite him attempting to cover his head and hide. Is it too early to start debating who he looks like?

Yes, it is too early. Any debates of the kind will be punished severely.

That's about all there is to report for now. I'll post a 19-week (19! holy crap) update tomorrow to let you know all the other mundane goings-on.


Rosa said...

Love the pics-thanks for posting them. He will look like both of you and be an adorable baby with a unibrow!

TeamOSM said...

HAHAHA...Levi and I cracked up over Buckethead's censored man parts, and his yoga pose! Oliver remained face down, curled up in a ball for our gender reveal the first time, so we got no profile shots. Jonah has been much more compliant!

And you got some adorable profile shots of your little man (!!) too! <3

Hooray! We are having little boys! =D