Sunday, January 23, 2011


An older picture here, if you're interested.

The earliest baby ever to survive was born at 21w6d. So, I suppose this is kind of a cool day - James technically kind of would almost have a very slight shot if something happened.

Note to Jimmybear: This is not an invitation. Stay put.

In other news, Noah got to feel him kick a couple nights ago! He was just finishing up reading some of Patriot Games to Jim, and I commented that apparently babies are very excited by Tom Clancy, so he put his hand on my belly. For once James decided not to go into stealth mode instantly, so Noah got a good strong kick out of him finally. Hurray!


Rosa said...

I'm glad you're reading to Jimbaby. Save the tearjerkers for when he's here!(I'll...) James Herriot would be good now, look how good your sister turned out! (or sister-in-law)

heiligeglut said...

James Herriot is a great idea - used to love those. Still do, actually.