Thursday, January 13, 2011

A few of the more arcane symptoms.

1. Increased near-sightedness. I'm near-sighted already, but for the past couple months I've been completely unable to read billboards, road signs, etc., more than maybe 20 feet away. Apparently fluid build-up can sometimes shift and thicken the lens and cornea. Apparently this is usually temporary but not always. It had better go away once James is out or else Noah has threatened to make me (oh, the horror) get glasses.

2. Stuffy nose and/or* nosebleeds. I have both. Hurray!

3. Cramps when getting up too fast, coughing, laughing, walking quickly, or just when Jim decides to be a jerk. Typical scenario: I stand up from the couch too fast, get a bad cramp, fall down on the ground, laugh because it's absurd to get cramps from standing up, get more cramps from the laughing, laugh harder due to the increased absurdity, repeat process until I can't breathe (at which point Noah comes and makes fun of me before helping me up).


TeamOSM said...


You might want to get a humidifier to try to help with the nosebleeds. Ouchies.

Also #3? Hilarious. And sad. But true. Later, you won't be able to get off the couch without help. It's awesome.

Rosa said...

We had a waterbed-talk about feeling like a beached whale. It was a bitch to get out of before and after. Tell Noah to keep working out since he'll need those muscles to get you up!