Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good things that happened today.

  • Got my birth certificate in the mail. We almost missed it, actually - we pulled into the driveway just as the UPS guy was about to leave, and he stopped and gave it to me.
  • Learned that Tricare standard will let me use whatever hospital I want, so I can probably go to the good one with nice rooms and lactation consultants and what-have-you.
  • Was recognized by the insurance lady as being pregnant (as opposed to in-love-with-cheesecake) without saying a word.
  • Tuna melts for supper. With pickles. Hurray! (cravings are weird, ladies and gents)

"Damn good day, y'all" is what I'm trying to get across here.


Rosa said...

I think Tuna is a genetic thing for you, do you like eggs too? Hospital choice is nice, glad to hear things are going well.

TeamOSM said...

Yum! Tuna melt has to have pickles...but the pickles have to be cold. Mmm.

And I toooold you you were adorable pregnant. <3

heiligeglut said...

Oh yes, love eggs. We've been going through an absolutely ridiculous amount of them lately - several dozen a week easily.

Nope, pickles go right in the oven between the tuna and the cheese. Delicious. :D