Monday, January 31, 2011

23 weeks, existential ponderings, etc.

How far along? 23 weeks.
Total weight gain/loss: I'm not sure, actually. I'm beginning to doubt the trustworthiness of my scale. Yesterday it had me as up 14 pounds (which would be down 2 from last week), and today I'm apparently up 19 pounds (which is up 3 from last week). I'm not really prepared to believe that I gained 5 pounds in one day.
Maternity clothes? Yeah, no change there.
Stretch marks? No!
Sleep: Good. My dreams (which have always been odd) are getting unnaturally vivid, though.
Best moment this week: Getting to the doctor finally.
Movement: Yep. It's annoyingly inconsistent, though. Some days he's doing gymnastics on my bladder from dawn until well after dusk (Noah: "Good job, Jim." Me: "Don't listen to your father."), and some days I only feel him a couple times. Apparently this gets more regular in the third trimester.
Food cravings: Oranges. Apples. Pears. Bananas.
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: More fake contractions (which, incidentally, are incredibly strange-feeling), but nothing real.
Belly Button in or out? In, but getting shallower. Fingers crossed that it stays in.
What I miss: Nothing, really. Good week.
What I am looking forward to: Viability! 24 weeks is the mark where doctors will actually pull out all the stops to try to save the baby if labor starts early.
Weekly Wisdom: Banana bread, while delicious, does not actually count as produce.
Milestones: Buying diapers for the first time.

We've finally started buying a few things here and there. As of about a week ago, this was the entirety of our baby stash:

I was tempted to play dress-up with Bruce, but I decided I didn't actually want to be clawed bloody.

Now, thanks to some adorable gifts and a few thrift store runs, we've got about twice that much clothing, and we picked up some diapers and toiletries and stuff at Walmart, just to get started on having things. We also finally ordered a few larger things on amazon - a fun bouncer and a pack-n-play/bassinet (so he can sleep by our bed the first couple weeks).

I think part of our purchasing procrastination is that it still doesn't seem quite real. Intellectually, I know there's a baby. On a more visceral level, though, I don't think we've quite digested that in 17 weeks (give or take) we're going to have an actual real live baby. Here. In our house. Hopefully having more baby stuff around will help make it seem a little more real, but I suspect that I won't really believe it until I've actually got a ravenous newborn squalling at two in the morning.


Rosa said...

It takes awhile to feel "real." It's also like, "OK he's mine, but what am I supposed to do now and how do you get them to stop crying?" It will all come together. It was about his third day home and I was sitting in the rocking chair with him when it felt real and I fell in love totally. I should find and send you the Snugli and I have Noah's favorite-Johnny Jump Up-saved too.

heiligeglut said...

That sounds great! I just read your comment to Noah and he got all enthusiastic about the Johnny Jump Up, so hopefully James will like it just as much. :D

Emmaline said...

I wish I were closer so that I could take part in the "nesting period". Luckily James will be with us just when yard sale season is booming, so expect tons of baby-paraphernalia coming from Aunty-Em. :)