Thursday, January 20, 2011

Non-baby-related stuffs.

In the interests of not seeming like I have an entirely one-track mind, here are some other things that have been going on lately.

When we moved in, our bedroom walls were cursed with a half-assed mural (pictured) and a few remaining scraps of hideous southwestern trim (not pictured, alas - wish you could see it).

Seriously, if you could see the bits of border in the corners, you would be appalled, I swear.

We repainted it this past weekend to a nice solid cream color - not too much different, but at least the walls are all the same color now, yes? Big improvement. It was quite an adventure, since neither of us have ever really painted anything before (besides being handed a paintbrush by our parents and then slacking until they get tired of it and order us out of the room). We figured it out, though, and it turned out reasonably well. My back has ordered me not to try any more painting shenanigans for a while, though.

Also I made the bed. Hurray for tidiness and domesticity!

My other project has been growing stuff. Noah dug me a nice garden a few weeks ago, and I planted some winter veggies, which I'm pretty sure are now dead due to the freak inch of snow we got a fortnight ago. Oh well. I'll replant soon and hope this batch doesn't get snowed on the same night they're planted.

I'm not a total plant-growing failure, though. I tried my hands at growing some herbs in a nice sunny room, and they're coming up very nicely. So I'm counting this as a tentative success. Hopefully they'll grow enough to eat.

Chives, parsley, rosemary, basil, oregano, and thyme.

In other news, we were super productive today. I am now enrolled in DEERS and in Tricare. I have a shiny new military ID of my very own (the picture makes me look like a fat zombie), which has Noah's social security number on it but not mine. Using his information for essentially everything I have to do will take a little getting used to.

Since I now have insurance and was feeling ambitious, I made a few phone calls to finish off the morning, so next week, both Bruce and I will be seeing doctors. I wager I'll enjoy my appointment more than he enjoys his.


Rosa said...

I'm so glad you do this blog. It makes me feel connected and I especially like the pictures since I'm a visual person. Bruce looks like he's settled in nicely.

TeamOSM said...

Glad you got to paint! I like the color you chose! We went all out when we bought our first house and painted every single room but the laundry room, one bathroom, and the foyer. I'm talkin' about all out painted. It took three weeks. =P

We'll never paint again! We'll probably hire painters next time, lol.