Friday, November 18, 2011

Yelling contest.

This is rather lengthy, sorry. The yelling contest starts around 2:40 (the first half is mostly Jim laughing at Noah making silly noises). I think my favorite thing in the world is how into it he gets while yelling. He stretches as tall as he can and bulges his little blue eyes out and just generally puts forth a damn fine effort.

I assure you that Noah is not, in fact, nekkid. He just has an unfortunate habit (which will probably be inherited by Jim, alas) of hanging around the house in his boxers.


Maureen (Mairin O'Cadhla) said...

Jim has a such a fine temperament, you are very lucky. I like the part where he can't decide to be mesmerized or laugh some more, that was really cute.

Oh once he learns to clap, oh Jim is going to think its be best thing ever. He really commits to the yelling, Jim is working on his war cry.

Emmaline said...

Well, I for one am intimidated by Jim's ferocity.

Rosa said...

Em, I'm jealous, Enjoy your upcoming visit and share a war cry with Jim for me! Thanks for posting these videos. I love them. Hugs to all.

Leah said...

Maureen, that's exactly it! I love how he visibly decides he's going to yell and commits to it.

His war cry will be a thing of beauty.

Jim's Ma said...

Sorry, Noah, Jim's the man.