Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Laundry day.

This is what happens when Noah helps me put away laundry. "Look! Is baby! Baby wears laundry!"

Fortunately, Jim didn't mind being buried under an avalanche of clean camo. In fact, he took the opportunity to practice his hiding skills. Noah tells me that he's practicing to be a sniper, but I prefer to think that he's just working on his hide-and-seek abilities so as to better defeat any future siblings.

Still, we probably ought to get him a ghillie hat just in case.


Kevin said...

How does Camo help on a ship?

Rosa said...

I've seen that bottom face before-about 20 years ago! Love the pics.

Leah said...

Kevin: I'm not sure. Maybe it helps hide from the Chiefs so you don't have to do anything?

Rose: That bottom face is my absolute favorite, with his wrinkled up nose and generally mischievous grin. Loooove it.