Monday, November 7, 2011

Jim's Excellent Adventure(s).

Yesterday was a big day for the little dude. First up: locomotion! He's been working on crawling for the past week or two, and has just recently (like within the past couple days) been able to get up on all fours and rock back and forth, but still no motion. Yesterday morning he had quite a breakthrough. We were all in the living room, with Noah in the couch playing games, me sitting on the floor doing the crossword, and Jim having some tummy time in the opposite corner of the room. I was just sitting there minding my own business and trying to find a four-letter word for 'enthusiastic' (AVID, folks) when my newspaper was rudely torn out of my hands by Jim, who had managed to drag himself the length of the floor to seize his beloved crinkly paper. Noah moved him back to his corner, and within two minutes he was back over by me, this time attempting to steal my pencil. So, I wouldn't say he's crawling exactly, but the little bugger can definitely move himself.

World's Most Responsible Parents (fear not, bottle was empty and removed as soon as picture was taken)

Next: dinner time! We've had a high chair, but it's a bit big for him still and not mobile, so we just got a cheap booster chair that we can take to restaurants with us in hopes that Jim will grow to be a relatively mannerly toddler. Last night we gave it a try in the comfort of our own home and lo, Jim likes it! He's generally a big fan of anything that makes him feel like he's participating in Real People Activities, so sitting at the table with us for dinner was quite a hit.

He really likes playing with apples. Don't know why.

Finally: solids! Unintentional solids, even. We've been letting Jim have occasional tastes of food for a while now (licks off of my popsicle, a finger dipped in tomato sauce, etc.), but he never really seemed interested, so we've mostly just been holding off until the doctor-recommended six months. And we're still planning on holding off until then, mostly, but he kind of took over last night and got himself some chicken. I was holding him on my lap at the table after we finished eating, and he reached over and took the remainder of Noah's chicken leg. This was, of course, so amusing that we had to take a picture, but by the time Noah got back with the camera, Jim had decided to shove the thing down his little gullet. I think he may have even managed to gum off and swallow a couple pieces. Noah, of course, is very proud of the little carnivore.

Tiny sharp chokey bones and big chunks o' gristle were already removed, so it was essentially just a super-tasty meat rattle.


Lady Goo Goo Gaga said...

Cute pic with the wine!!!

Rosa said...

Reminded Vic of the Dinosaur episode, Not the Mama. Give him sugar and see if he can crawl on the ceiling like Baby! He comes from a long line of meat eaters, although he's starting rather young. Hugs.

Jim's Ma said...

Was he all greasy afterwards?

Jim's Ma said...

Was he all greasy afterwards?

Maureen (Mairin O'Cadhla) said...

Ha ha ha meat rattle, Jim looks interested in the texture probably sucking all the juices out first. Yay for Jim!