Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And now, a brief [and abridged] message from our sponsor.

Jim (declaiming): Dag nab nab!
Uncle Ilya: Is that so?
Jim (assertive): Dag NAB nab.
Aunt Emmy: Oh, I see.
Jim (expansive): Dag nab nab nab.
Ilya: And what else?
Jim (inquisitively): Dag nab nab? DAG NAB NAB!
Me: You know, boy, this might not be the place for loud conversations.
Jim (displeased, with furrowed brow and lowered voice): MIM. MIM. MIM.
Me: Oh, well, carry on then.
Jim (cheerful): Dag nab nab nab nab nab!

(This all took place at the Waffle House, mind you, moments after Jim vomited cheerfully and abundantly all over the floor. That waitress got a VERY good tip.)

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Emmaline said...

Well, we did sort of throw away one of their syrup thingies by accident. :(