Friday, November 11, 2011

Things about right now.

  • Jim's hair is ridiculous. It's still sparse and fine, but it's long enough that the top sticks up and refuses to be smoothed down. Noah says he's out of regs and needs a haircut, but I think it's adorable and won't let him cut his hair until he's like fifteen.
  • Noah and Jim like to play a Yelling Game. It starts when Jim makes some half-hearted yell and Noah mocks him, then they yell back and forth until one of them has out-yelled the other. This is, of course, extremely cute. I'll post a video sometime.
  • Noah is working third shift and it sucks. Jim's just not as warm at night as Noah is (although he might have a slight edge in the Cuddly category). The weekends are nice, but we only see each other for about two hours on weekdays, and it makes me cranky. It also makes me cranky that our master bathroom hasn't been cleaned in ages because Noah's always sleeping in there (er, not the bathroom itself, although the tub IS very comfy) when I'm in the mood to clean stuff. How housewife-y is that?
  • Speaking of the bathtub, we took Jim in for a shower a day or two ago. He was extremely brave and did not cry, even though he was extremely shocked by the whole thing. He even got enough control of himself toward the end to commandeer the loofah.
  • I'm on a major baking kick. In the past two days, I've made bread, sticky buns (fifth batch of sticky buns I've made in the last month - FINALLY got them right), chocolate cupcakes, and am preparing to make bread pudding. No wonder the weight loss has stalled a bit.
  • Jim nurses to sleep easily at 8 every night and gets up around 7 every morning. Sounds good on paper, but he's up 2-4 times in-between, and takes up to an hour to get back to sleep each time. We're probably going to end up using Ferber-style sleep training once he hits six months. I didn't want to do cry-it-out, but I'm SO TIRED, and so is Jim - he's all red-eyed and cranky every day, and I'm pretty sure it's because he doesn't sleep enough at night. I've tried other methods (No-Cry Sleep Solution failed utterly, and co-sleeping only helps so much), so it looks like that's what's going to happen unless Jim magically discovers sleeping in the next couple weeks.
  • We've all started getting out WAY more. We take a family walk (very Waltons/Leave It To Beaver, yes?) most days, and Jim and I go to the park or shopping (groceries or thrifting, mostly) while Noah's sleeping. On the weekends, we try to eat out once. Jim is SO good when we're out. He's quiet and adorable and beloved by all, except horrible baby-hating meanies. He's quite a somber little dude. He rarely smiles at anyone except me and Noah and just sits quietly, lower lip thrust forward, observing everything.

That's all I've got for now. I leave you with this relatively recent dimly-lit picture of the three of us clad in warm clothing for our walk:

Like I said: serious baby.


Amber said...

That's such a sweet picture.

Rosa said...

Aunt Mae was serious and a watcher too. Watch out world!

Becky said...

My first son was a very serious baby as well. He grew out of it for the most part but can still act very serious around stranger some times.

Very cute picture! :)

Jim's Ma said...

Lord how I miss you three...

Jamie Q said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I'm so glad you did because after reading your post it sure sounds like we have a lot in common! We both have adorable sons, that's for sure ;)


NKubon said...

Cute picture! Thanks for coming over to my blog and the tips on cleaning! :)

Trisha said...

Thats awesome Jim was brave in the Shower! Elise would FLIP if I tried to bring her in the shower, lol. I think she might be afraid of the noisy faucet. Cute picture btw!