Sunday, October 2, 2011

Four months!

That is how old Jim was on Wednesday. Now he is four months and five days. I know I'm obsessive.

Mug shot.

I should note that it's getting harder and harder to take a decent monthly picture of the boy. On the one hand, he can sit up straighter now, but on the other, he is extremely fidgety and must look at ALL the things. The resulting pictures are extremely cute, of course, but do not accurately represent his size.

Out-takes. He isn't actually particularly interested in his feet yet - he just likes to put his hands there for balance while sitting.

This month has lead to many new developments in the life of Jim. He is WAY more interactive now than ever before. He still likes to chat (as in the third video here, only more so), and he's added laughing to his repertoire. He's been laughing out loud for a couple weeks now, but he just started doing it a lot in the past week.

In other interactivity news, Jim has learned the joys of high-pitched noises. He now goes "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" all pterodactyl-like when something pleases him. Naturally, we now try to keep him as unhappy as possible in order to avoid having our eardrums ruptured.. (I jest, I jest - it's really terribly cute. VERY high-pitched, though.)

It's also been a big month for physical development. He can sit (tripod-style)! He topples over fairly quickly (I think his sitting record is something like thirty seconds), but still. Progress! He greatly enjoys being held in a standing position. He's pretty strong, actually. I usually just cage my hands around him for balance but let him support his own weight. He's also starting to be interested in THINGS. He now grabs stuff and looks at it and plays with toys (if by "plays with" you mean "holds vigorously").

Hurray, a toy!

He's developing more definable moods and preferences now. Historically he's been a very content baby who just lies around contentedly with occasional flashes of crankiness due to hunger, wet diaper, or sleepiness. Now he has actual likes and dislikes. His favorite activities currently are bouncing on someone's knee, bouncing on someone's lap, and being held upright to bounce on his own feet. He's big on the whole bouncing thing. He's been a bit crankier than usual the past week or two as well. I'm not sure if it's teething or just the "Four Month Fussies," but he's quite needy and easily distracted by everything. Nursing is a bit of a trial at the moment, because he seems ravenous but then looks around the second anything interesting happens, so it can take a while for him to finish his meals.

New mood: ennui.

Sleep is also weird at the moment. Just this past week he's started waking up every hour at night again. I suspect it's because he's too distracted to eat enough during the day so he's filling up at night when everything is dark and quiet and non-interesting. He did have a night a couple days ago when he slept for seven hours straight and then another four hours after that, though, so hopefully there will be more of that coming up.

As far as size goes, he's BIG! We'll get his official weight at his four-month appointment next week, but I believe he's around 15 pounds, and his head is still enormous. He's wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes, but some of his 0-3 still fit and most 6-9 stuff fits okay too. He's outgrown a couple of his diapers already, so we're starting to get more in bigger sizes. I've noticed that he has pretty much no pants that fit his current size, which is unfortunate given that it's starting to get cold (70 degrees is cold, right? living in Georgia has warped my sense of temperature). I see a few thrift store visits in our future.

On the other hand, he's cute enough that I might just let him go nekkid.


Rosa said...

Child Porn! He does have your smile Leah, it's quite obvious in the video, he doesn't just look like his Daddy.

Amber said...

This is such a cute post. I'm loving this stage--they're way more interactive, which is so much fun.