Friday, September 30, 2011


Here is a complete list of all of the new things that Jim has:
  • his bedroom furniture (except the glider, which was used)
  • one bouncy chair
  • one playmat
  • crib sheets
  • a couple receiving blankets
  • diapers
  • two rattles

Everything else? Used, whether purchased by me or by similarly bargain-hungry relations. (and a few handmade things, of course)

Toy? Auction. Onesie? Thrift store. Bouncy chair in background? Yard sale. Baby? Dismayed.

I was thinking about it this morning and wondering if I should feel guilty that the poor kid barely has anything new, but really I don't think so. I really cannot fathom paying $20 for a new outfit that he'll wear once when I could get twenty outfits for the same price at a yard sale, each of them probably worn just once by some other kid. I sincerely doubt that he cares if his wardrobe is pre-owned. Really, he'd probably just as soon go naked. (hell, throughout most of the summer, the Georgia heat led to him going naked half the time anyway)

Actually, come to think of it, half of my own wardrobe is Goodwill Black Label also. As I type I'm wearing a $3 skirt and $1 top (and a $60 bra - can't be cheap in ALL things, people). There's actually a slight feeling of accomplishment from tracking down and finding cool stuff in grungy places. The thrill of the hunt, etc etc. So yeah, now that I think of it, I feel absolutely not guilty.


Mr. This and That said...

Bargins are the best. We have 2 kids and they both wear 75% used stuff. If it still looks good, who CARES, not the kids for sure. I save money any way I can! You should read this post from my Wife's Blog

Rosa said...

James applauds your thriftiness. He says save your money for new electronics!

Daddy said...

And he will keep this love of thrift clothing if he knows what is good for him. More money for ammo.

Maureen (Mairin O'Cadhla) said...

There is no shame in saving a dollar especially when the regular retail price on most things are expensive and going up. When kid are little like Jim, they careless what they are wearing or playing with is new.
Now when they channel the teenager lable syndrome then I would worry. Though I feel that behavior is learned through parents example. So if you and Noah are thrifty you will teach Jim to save and be thrifty. Its good for him to know the worth of money and how many things you can buy when you don't pay full price. Though Jim has a long way to go before that. I just love the baby updates he is one special boy to have two great partents like you.