Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Or maybe not?

So now I'm not sure if it's teething or not. He's been much more chipper the past couple of days, and he's been sleeping reasonably well too (asleep by 9pm, only up once or twice mostly). I go back and forth on whether there are any tooth-lumps in his mouth. Baby gums are weird-looking at best, and I just don't know what's normally there and what isn't. Oddly enough, he also objects to me trying to pry his little lips open to have a look-see, so I never get more than a glimpse anyway. At least now we're stocked up with teething rings and baby drugs in case it starts hurting him again.

Don't take this to mean that everything's perfect, though. His newest trick: rolling on the changing table. Trying to diaper this dude is like mud-wrestling an alligator. The second his back hits the pad, he's flipped halfway over and wriggling vigorously. This is bad enough when it's a wet diaper, but when there's poop involved... Let's just say I have several redecorated shirts.

Okay, yes, he's sleeping in this picture, but this is basically the new diaper-change position. Just try to imagine it with more flailing (and feces everywhere).


Emmaline said...

Jim is so adorable that he could poop all over me, no questions asked. Well. I dunno. But he is really friggin' cute.

Rosa said...

This is the stage that I started that "two eyes, two ears..." song to try to keep him still. That stupid changing table belt is supposed to work, but it's in the way too much to be helpful. You'll become a quick change artist soon.

OneMommy said...

Oh, I remember the wiggles when diaper changing! Eventually we gave up on the changing table; I used my feet at her armpits to help hold her on the floor. Not an easy task. Definitely no fun when poop is involved. But he looks so peaceful in that picture!