Sunday, September 11, 2011

A good memory is priceless, but...

Grimacing at the cheesy title.

Printing my whole blog would apparently cost $81.65. Not even the whole blog, actually - just the past year, since I found out I was pregnant. I'm considering having it done, though. It's professionally printed and bound, in a nice hardcover with full color pictures, and it IS the repository for all things baby-related. I think when Jim turns a year old I'm going to have such a book made just to have a hard copy of his first year (with maybe a prologue for the pregnant months). Seems to me that it might be worth it.

Link for the curious: blog2print is the one I was looking at, but Google informs me that there are a number of sources who will do the same thing with various options and prices - I'm going to look into it more before I pick one. There's almost nine months to decide, after all.

Gratuitous adorable duck face.


Rosa said...

That's a really good price. Definitely worth it, just think of all the hundreds you've spent on textbooks that you'll never look at again! I know a few people who would consider yours a best seller :)

Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Leah.. I have printed my blog into numerous books over the years and I use the cutest blog on the block website for printing! They make the best keepsakes!! Your baby is just precious!

Leah said...

Rose - that's what I was thinking. 80-something seemed kind of pricey at first, but really, it'd get an awful lot of use.

Diana - thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely look into them.