Saturday, September 3, 2011

The boy is 3 months old, as of about a week ago.

He wasn't really keen on sitting up straight and looking at the camera.

For comparison's sake, the last semi-official growth picture, taken about three weeks prior:

Not the same position, but surely you can see growth.

Notes from the last month:

  • First shots. They sucked a lot.
  • Rolling back-to-belly. He's done belly-to-back a couple times but not consistently. Back-to-belly he does frequently enough that he rarely spends any time on his back anymore - just flips right over. It used to freak Noah out to find him snoozing on his belly, since the Vital Medical Advice of the Decade is that all babies will die immediately if they sleep on their belly (never mind the entire previous generation, who were told that they would die immediately if they slept on their backs). It's impossible to keep him on his back, though, so we've resigned ourselves to it.

    New favorite sleeping position.
  • Outgrew a lot of his 0-3 stuff. He is now wearing mostly 3-6 and some 6-9 clothes. Best part: overalls! So freaking cute.
  • Hands! Specifically, he has realized that he has them. Furthermore, he likes to hold things with them, even if he can't quite figure out how to grab things on his own yet. He's very pleased if you help him out by sticking something in his hand, though, and he loves shoving whatever is in his hand into his mouth.

    Giraffe? I shall grab it!
  • Many outings. He is now quite easy to go out with. We've been out to eat with him a couple times, and mostly he just sits around and stares at anybody with a beard (he did have a slight melt-down once, but such things are better left unspoken lest they be repeated). He goes on walks frequently as well, and he generally just seems to enjoy looking around at all of the interesting things around him.
  • Outgrew the first sling carry. Now he has to have his feet sticking out or else the world ends.

    Bad lighting, cute feet.
  • Nearly outgrew his bouncy chairs. His feet stick over the edge now and look absurd, and he is convinced that he can roll over while in the chair and sometimes tries to flip it. I'm not sure what we'll do when he DOES outgrow them, because that's how he goes to sleep most nights...
  • Drooooooool.

    Oh yeah, and his hair is coming in, too.


Emmaline said...

He actually seems to have slimmed down since the 10 week picture. Maybe it's just his body beginning to have normalish proportions. :) Also, do you think he's old enough now that his eyes will stay blue? They're a great shade of blue right now.

And lastly, you're looking very svelte. I guess the workouts and chicken breast are doing their jobs. :) Love you!

Leah said...

I think he has, too. I think the past couple of weeks have seen more growth in length than in weight, so he's not quite as round and squashy as he was. I'm not sure about the eyes - apparently they usually start changing by now, but might take up to a year. I'm hoping they stay blue or turn green. And lastly, aww shucks. :P Thanks!

Rosa said...

I agree with Em. Those jeans look really good on you. Love the drool picture too!