Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to Photograph a Baby

My favorites: Row 2 Column 1 and Row 4 Column 3.

Step 1: Super-high shutter speed, because babies are wiggly little bastards.
Step 2: Super-low f-stop, because it looks all artsy and stuff if the background is blurry.
Step 3: Take a shit-load of pictures and only post the ones that look good. I took 250+ to get the 32 in this post. I can't bring myself to delete a single picture, though, even the crappy ones, so I've got a portable hard-drive with thousands and thousands of pictures on it.
Optional Step 4: neglect to back up your pictures anywhere else and freak out when a folder gets corrupted. Fortunately there were only about fifty pictures in that one, but WHAAAAAAH. Must get back-up plan.

Favorites: Row 2 Column 2 and Row 3 Column 4.


Emmaline said...

Row 2 Column 2 is undoubtedly awesome. :)

Rosa said...

r2, c2&3 and r1, c4 are my favs. I like how you did these. Congrats on achieving your pp goal! Yeah for you.

Regan said...

What great photos. I found your site through the Mom Blog Monday blog hop. I like your humor but I'm not able to find a GFC link on your page. Is it me? It could be.

ps. my husband discovered Nightwish on a business trip to Finland and brought them back with him. The CD, not the band ;) Great stuff

Genia said...

Row 2 is adorable, actually they all are :)

Im your newest follower and would love a follow back!