Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not that kind of blog, folks, sorry.

So I was looking over my blog stats, and people use some weird, weird search terms to find this place. Sure, most of them are boring, like "buckethead blog" and so forth, but some of them... Well, for example:
  • syphilis - Um, I don't have that. No, really, I don't.
  • how big is a papaya - I have no idea. About half the size of a human head, I'm guessing.
  • transvaginal ultrasound of fibroid - Oh, I had one of those. The ultrasound was cool - you could see blood running through it, all blue and red and blinking and so forth. They cut it out when I had my c-section, so that was okay.
  • babies are gross - Yes. Yes, they are.
  • breakfast bratwurst - Delicious. Don't forget the mustard.
  • jalapeno juice for a pink eye remedy - Uhh, don't do that.
  • amateur boob milf - This is not that kind of blog, sir, thankyouverymuchandgoodnight.


Rhianna H said...

The syphilis search is probably from all of the tests they gave you during pregnancy that you commentated on (see: I'm more concerned about the jalapeƱo juice for pink eye remedy.

Emmaline said...